Monday, August 30, 2004

Men and Women can be just friends

I like to argue this whenever someone claims they can't be

however i'm starting to think this is not true

just a few hints for the men out there:

If a female is constantly talking about her boyfriend (even if he is overseas) its a pretty good indication she has feelings for him and is not interested in you.

If a female sees where the conversation and/or physical interaction is going and moves away or changes the subject its probably because she is not interested.

If the matter has been discussed once and she says she is not interested a first time then more than likely she will not be interested a second time, if she is watch for very obvious signs.

It will avoid the un-necessary and extremely awkward and uncomfortable situation i was in on sat night when a male friend lunged at me. (this is the second time a male friend has attempted to turn a friendship into more since i got back)

From now on i'm staying away from un-attached straight men. It seems that the only relationship they are interested is not a friendship.

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