Sunday, October 10, 2004

Warning -political rant

It was sad evening

I'm glad i didn't stay home watching

i think i would have cried

What now will i say to people abroad when they question Australian policies

"well i didn't vote for him" perhaps

Despite my earlier prediction and almost every poll it was easy to remain some slight optimism when almost very person i associate with is anti-Howard for one reason or another.

To say that i am disappointed is an understatement.

What does this say about the majority of Australians? I would prefer to think they are ignorant in regard to politics then to believe that they selfishly chose interest rates (well their scaremongering) over education, health and the environment.

I fear what will become of this country in the next three years: a further decline in public education and health services, removal of Medicare, increase in university costs, a repeat of East Timor, a further destruction of their environment (don't even get me started on their sell out to the loggers of the Tasmania trees that i grew up climbing), refugees continuing to wait until we return them to their war torn countries, definitely more lies, and who knows what else.

Its not a proud day to be Australian!

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