Sunday, October 03, 2004

Rough update

I spent alot of last weekend (my first 3 day weekend) at hospital with my little bro who fell off a roof injuring his back. My bro has a break in his fifth vertibrae and thankfully it doesn't look like any major nerve damage or operation is neccesary(as was initially feared). He is however off work and in a lot of pain.

If you want to see some interesting people on a sunday head down to the emergency section of western general (otherwise known as footscray) hospital. Some very distracting (thankfully) people watching.

Work has slightly improved thanks to a few great co-workers and the much needed new 30 staff that started on friday.

I think Howard is going to win the election (great- please note sacarsm). On that note of politics discovered that Andrew Barlett has his own blog as do the Greens.

I have not caught up with anyway lately due to family stuff (see above & below): I apologise! There still exists friends who i haven't caught up with since i got back (btw its been 3 months).

I'm sick of thinking about whether to go to HK or not and am no closer to a final decision. My bro injury and my stepdad's constant illness is making me feel very anxious about leaving just when i was getting ready to commit to actually going.

Got to see a couple of great shows a couple of weeks ago. Rock against Howard which showed three out of five very different and great perfomances and thanks to Erin I also saw Mark Kozelek who i had never heard of but was great.

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