Tuesday, October 19, 2004

ngor jung yi sek mun gwoh

(or roughly translated: i like to eat mangoes)

in my third canto class tonight i learnt how to put very simple sentences (like the one above) together

the classes and the learning process in general is both frustrating and fun

there are 7 in my class and 6 out of 7 have chinese significant others


in other news:

I called up Toby last sunday night and was about to announce that i want to move back to hk (not suprising considering my previous post) when he announced that he thinks it will be a wiser decision that he moves here.

i'm still not sure

but if does come here it won't be til january at the earliest (which means being apart for xmas and new years eve, sob sob)

if he does move here i think I will go back and do my masters

which means quite possibly next year i will be going back to study, moving out and setting up an apartment with Toby.

2005 looks like be a very big year for me and an even bigger one for him!

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