Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm about ready to jump and down and throw a tantrum right now at least i feel i should

in the car driving today i even made a loud fake crying noise which made me feeel a teeny bit better (something along the lines of aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhahahahhhhh)

god knows my poor co-workers have heard enough complaining too

and toby probably is starting to forget happy- non complaining me

the problem is: all i want for xmas is toby

the problem is he can't come for xmas

and its not his fault

its not my faullt

its his works fault


well according to him its not his work 'its just production'

see thats the problem with being rational and mature you can't blame anyone- theres no one to direct all your anger and frustration at.

mind you i have known this for a while

but every single day it hurts me a little more and as i get closer and closer to xmas

not only will he miss xmas but also new years, valentines day, my birthday , our anniversary and lots of cool music shows.

i want to be sharing

i'm sick of having seperate lifes


the other major thing which is relatively crappy in my life is that i don't think i got into masters (i should have heard by now) which in turn means i'm stuck doing wonderful jobs like working in call centres

the main reason i returned was to do masters

yes life is bloody great

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