Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mun sum mo quai
(rough translation:ask heart without shame?)

i have two more cantonese classes before i finish the beginner classes

i drove one of the other classmates sarah home today and we chatted about the challenges that face chinese in laws (her s.o is australia chinese)

we both agreed that between visa problems and problems with future in laws that if it weren't for the fact that we both loved our partners an incredible amount we would just give up

we also chatted about horrible long distant relationships

arghhhhhhhh won't even start


wed was a crazy day for the whole fam!

i had my masters interview

mum had an operation

and my bro was supposed to find out about work cover stuff

all three went ok-ish. i discovered in the interview that this is something that i do really want

i find out by the end of the week if i'm accepted

the plan at the moment is if i get in he moves here

if not i go back to HK for two years and re-apply

its all in fates hands now

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