Sunday, December 12, 2004


I have put on weight

about 5 kilos

yes me

the one who people generally tease for being too thin.

my male friend actually said to me a few months ago 'if you put on a bit of weight you would be more attractive'

when i was younger i was teased so much about being 'anorexic' that i wanted to put on weight

not now though , now- well before i was happy with myself

i don't understand how after 20 something years of life i've suddenly put on weight

my little sister who has always been on the chuppy side now weighs less than me

granted after returning here i drive everywhere rather than walk everywhere as i did in hk

that and i don't eat as healthy here


but that means from now i will have to think about my weight like 90% of the aus population

fucking great

on the plus size my weight has meant an increase in womanly parts of the body (yes i've actually gone up a size)- that i can handle

but a stomach


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