Sunday, February 12, 2006

What has suprised you about blogging?

For me it been the connections. The sense of community feel to it (yes there goes the comm psy talking).

Sometimes I blog away passionately on a topic feeling as if no one in the world cares about it only to see other comment and occasionally even talk about it too. I'm still blushing from seeing a link from gendergeek Eight carnival of feminists post. Thanks! Although now i feel a ltitle ashamed, i should have posted a longer, better post and included more quotes.

Through blogging i've also 'met' some amazing bloggers. I am so glad to find bloggers such as sour duck, and tekanji at shrub tackling the hard issues, the ones that you never see written about in press particuarly in regard to women. I can't say how thankful I am that your blogs exist and how great it is to be able to discuss issues further on the comments fields at times. You both give me hope and I just wish there were more women out there like the both of you.

Furthermore, as a vegan i'm a huge minority and great to see so many veg*n bloggers out there.

While with Emma, i know we don't email as much as we used to, but I found a friend and friend from the other side of the world who i could convide in during harder times.

Next week, i will actually meet another blogger in RL.

It's really great to start something such as blogger and find perhaps an added bonus such as the connectness that was even better than the original purpose (thought relection and staying in touch with another overseas).


emma said...

Thank you sweetie. I feel exactly the same way :) I feel so lucky having found a likeminded soul on another side of the globe!

tekanji said...

What has surprised me about blogging?

I'd have to say that it's the strong connections I've made in the community, as well as how much it can hurt when members of the community let me down. But, then, I guess it's not so surprising because the only difference between an off-line community and an on-line one is face-to-face contact.

I can't tell you how touched I am that you put so much faith in me and my writing. It's people like you who keep me going when I feel like the whole world is against me and my beliefs.

Good luck on the meeting! Lake Desire and I met like a month ago when I found out she lived like two hours away from me and it was awesome! We ended up talking for hours and now we chat on AIM every day.

And a belated congrats on Mr. T getting a job!

claire said...

I always enjoy reading your blog kristy, you are a very thoughtful individual and articulate your points of view well. It's great to read the thoughts of someone who presents an issue/subject intelligently and with reason.

I should do the same with my journal/blog but am a bit lazy in that regard, I mainly use it when I'm bored...just to babble about whatever...usually music ;)

Melinda Casino said...

Hi Kristy - Aw, it's so nice to be listed here - I consider you a blog friend and hope it's mutual.

You were one of the firsts to add me to your blogroll and that endeared you to me - but your blog writing "hooked" me and it still delights and surprises me (re: the recent rock concert posts, and the one that was included in The Carnival of Feminists, which I nominated to Gendergeeks (yeah, it was me. ;)).

Gendergeek is marvellous and I've watched them grow from semi-obscurity into a major central processing station for feminist discussion and thought. The comments threads are very active and lively there!

Shrub is marvellous as well. Am I turning into a "lovey" ? :D ;)

It would be interesting to read about your meet-up with another blogger - but only if you both agree it's okay to blog about it - I wouldn't want to read something you'd prefer be kept private...

Agree with you, the connectedness is what many people are craving, and is a satisfying aspect of blogging.

Take care - SD

kristy said...

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments!!!!

I started blogging in quite a private way and so at times it can be embarassing because sometimes i do comment on personal things and other times i comment on issues whch certainly not dinner party conversations. For that reason I have kept my blog rather quiet and certainly not advertised it to many of my friends in real life. But over time slowly become more used to people reading and commenting to the point where i am now where i feel pretty comfortable with it and actually enjoy that aspect.

Claire, i love your posts about music and your recent story with the illustrations too!

SD, the feeling is mutual and thank you for the nomination.

shamash said...

Hi, Kristy. Everytime I stop by, I always end up staying longer than I originally planned. I love reading your reflections and thoughts. I, too, am honored by the connections I've made in the blogosphere. As an expat, it has been so helpful to stay in touch with others back home, and to make new connections with other "expats" like yourself.

Congrats to Mr. T on his job!