Monday, February 27, 2006


This sunday was a special sunday since it was the last one I will have a for a little while without the guilt of homework in the back of my mind.

Sadly I return back to uni this week.

Which also mean the end of full time for a little while too which translates to less money and less fun time.

I can't say i am looking forward to it at all.

Anyhoo, enough feeling sorry for myself. This sunday i was determined to set out to see and do as much as possible.

So we started off at the tibetan buddist festival (see temple below) which proved to be quite dissapointing. Although in fairness we didn't pay to see any of the talks and are not buddhist so maybe thats it. We went however to check it out because it was supposed to be beautiful and it was ok but in comparison to something like the chi lin nunnery in HK it was pretty bland. I have to admit as well that we were both expecting some good tibetan food (whatever that is) but they were serving western style veggies burgers and veg pies. Stuff you could get anywhere.

From there we went to see the Gossip play at Missing Link for free. First were thunderbirds are now who sounded ok but just seemed to be trying a little to hard. I kind of felt for them though because the audience wasn't exactly giving them much a chance and refused the lead singers attempts to move closer.

No thats not a enthused member of the audience but the keyboard player at the front trying to get everyone to dance or perhaps having some sort of fit

The gossip however were awesome. The lead singers voice was so amazing it sounded so soulful very gospel while the rest of the band were kind of rock-punkish, which might sound like a weird combination but sounded great. By the far the best live show I have ever seen for FREE! I will be getting one of their cds once I have some more money.

We then moved on to Ten Rens Tea Time (on swanston st) where we had a very late lunch consisting of lots of dumplings and BBQ 'pork' buns and a yummy green bean icee and chatted for a while with one Mr T's new co-workers.

I'm going to miss sundays like that.


cristy said...

All the best for the new year. How many do you have to go?

kristy said...

cristy not sure could be either 2 or 3 since i'm now part time :-(

What about you?

intint said...

Kristy, have you heard of On The House
They give away free tickets to events in Melbourne, pretty cool...and great if you're on a budget. I don't know anyone who isn't...:)

kristy said...

intint, thanks for the link will check it out!

Harmonia said...

great pics! Happy Weekend! I posted some food pics!