Monday, February 06, 2006

Who says you can't have one post about breakfast, a recent gig, annoying brides to be, day to day comments about female beauty and font size?

Cribs drummer, I want to learn how to play drums like that.

Some good

Wed night we went and saw the cribs and they were surprisingly good. Although i'm not so sure if it was their music as much as their stage presence. The drummer had a few little tricks like above (standing up and playing, standing on the stool and playing as above and i think even sitting on a part of the drums and playing) and the lead singer had so much energy that the audience at northcote social club danced more than i ever seen them dance before. He also ignored the whole no smoking rule at the venue and proceeded to smoke throughout his show and he had a bleeding lip, gum or something that kind of got worse as the show went on but he didn't seem to notice or care about, yes true rock and roll spirit. Seriously though he has a weird type of dodgy charisma that just works really well (can't capture the charisma with a photo but the dodgy see below). I also like the cover band: starsky. Not a bad night for $20 (including bf).

Sat morning Mr T and i went out for breakfast at soul foods (smith st) and it was amazing. We spent an hour just eating, chilling out, and people watching on one of the best streets for doing so. I had the vegan monster breakfast which included scrambled tofu, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, chutney, rice cake (which i would say is more like a rice cone), he had their home made baked beans on toast which were also good. I couldn't finish mine so being the vegan monster that he is he did. We also shared a muffin which we ordered before not realising how much food it was going to be. I highly recommend breakfast out, (and no mcdonalds breakfast is not quite the same) it just puts the whole day to a great start.

We then found the rose st market (off Brunswick st) almost by accident, i highly recommend it as Mr T put it 'it's like the summer night market minus the crappy stalls'.

We also stopped by trampoline for some sorbet, and the girl said the chocolate fountain was dark chocolate and vegan not really sure about that, but their sorbets were great as per normal. I recommend the pear caramel one.

Some bad

I have two pet hates at the moment.

One: future brides. They drive me insane talking about the most mundane factors of their weddings and there almost seems a crazy type competitive side to it all. And paying that much for a dress/ring/one day is crazy. Today i overheard a man tell a future bride how cheap her dress is at $1,500 compared to his wives dress which cost $4000 a decade ago. Are these people completely crazy? I don't get it!

Two: the everyday debates about female beauty. You know the conversations i'm sure you hear them almost daily. Kind of goes like this:

'She's not pretty'
'her ........ is too big small, strange etc"
'she's too thin, fat, ugly'

I don't think it would be so bad if it was just purely a reflection on how superficial our society but unfortunately male beauty is barely commented on well in comparison.

And yes, i'm sure i've done it before, but no more!

Its pointless, and certainly doesn't help women!


Is this font too small?


Melinda Casino said...

I enjoyed this post, and your other recent one about the concert you attended.

(Yes, the font size is too small, IMHO.)

jlp said...

I like brides-to-be in that trainwreck sort of way. Even a lot of the ones on can be annoying. Often, the only really "indie" thing about their weddings are the songs they pick to walk down the aisle. Big whoop. But they still dress in virginal white, they still act like Pretty Pretty Princesses, and they still take to throwing tantrums over "My Special Day." Man, I love them.

I have no complaints about the font.

kristy said...

Jlp, i agree about the indie brides. But there are a few really 'indie' ones on there (like me) and at least i get to read ideas that i've never heard listed in real life.

SD, i think i will change it and besides its probably time for a change of look anyway.

jlp said...

It's the sane people like you who ruin all my fun. Heh.

erin said...

I think the font size is fine, but then again, isn't it exactly the same as my site? (Or at least that's how it shows up on my computer...)