Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good news for Mr T

He got his learners permit which means he can now drive with me or any other fully qualified driver next to him. Kind of scary, but he's already had a mini lesson with me and it wasn't so bad. We also were extremely relieved to receive a immigration letter advising that his spouse visa has finally been approved.

Its amazing to think how far he has come since he moved here almost 9 months ago. I'm extremely proud of him. He took a big gamble moving here and it wasn't a decision we made easily because we both were aware of how much of a sacrifice it was. So far though he's managed to get himself a full time job and stick with it for 6 months. Ok it's not the greatest in the world but a lot better than his door to door sales job and other illegal jobs he was facing at the beginning. He's also managed to work out the public transport system in fact he now knows more than me. More importantly though he's made my family fall in love with him, and made every cat he has regular contact with fall in love with him including a weird relationship with our family cat where he comes when Mr T call him. He's eased quite well into fri night drinks with colleagues (easy one), get his learners permit, adjusted to all the cultural and language changes (including eating out a lot less), learnt how to waste time now that work takes up much less time (no more 24 hrs straight working on film stuff), go out and do things like go to shows by himself, learn all the good eating places near his work and other metropolitan areas, find and attend a ok yoga school, make some new friends, become pretty close to the perfect domestic partner (he's doing the dishes as we speak after he cooked dinner) and so much more.

Mr T studying for his learners permit test the night before with the family cat dairy

Btw, I've finally fixed my template (the flowers) hopefully it will look a little better for internet explorer users. It's been so long since I used it and I had no idea that they were overlapping the top by so much.


Harmonia said...

Cute pic! Darling! :)

Have a good day!

Melinda Casino said...

Re: spouse visa.

*Jumps up and down* Hooray! That's great news. It has been a long road, hasn't it?

Like the photo as well. Cute cat!

kristy said...


Melinda, it had been a long time, almost 9 months and having to hand in 3 sets of documents for them.