Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh yesterday...

yesterday was one of those perfect days that you never want to end.

For the first time in a very long time the weather was beautiful.

And I finally ventured out to macro wholefoods in Richmond.

If you are a fellow foodie, heath freak, vegetarian, vegan, wanting anything organic (including meat), or just like your eco friendly products then I urge you to go there.

Foodie me was in heaven. It's huge! It's like a gigantic health food shop with organic groceries too. If you thought passionfoods or wholefoods was big then forget it. I walked around expressing lots of 'oooooohhhs' and 'arhhhhhhhhhs' for 45 minutes with Mr T and saying on more than one occasion 'I love it here'. They have everything!

There are a few American products that I've enjoyed in Hong Kong that I have never found anywhere, a few that I have never tried but been looking for and a few I never heard of that I couldn't resist. Americans you might as well ignore this post because I guess you can easily get all of them. However you struggle to get all of these products here:

* clif bars -although no luna bars
* apple butter (now I can make these amazing looking sandwiches)
* canned black beans
* soydelicious purely decadent vanilla bars which were beautiful

We also got a sourdough bread on special which is by far the best bread I've ever eaten.

No wonder they have macro discovery tours.

The downside: most things are not so cheap but it is so worth it for those hard to find products that no-one ever seems to have.

They also have a cafe(which I didn't get to try) and free parking.

We then went to vic markets to pick up some cheaper veggies, organic fruit and Asian products from the Asian supermarket across the road and ate desserts at Invita Living Food (next to the market).

Here is a pic of the tea section (yes it includes everything within those four metal posts):

and a pic of the jam section(on the left and all the way to the box):

Such a pity I had to go back to work today!


cristy said...

It looks bigger than the original Bondi store. I heard that they were expanding to Melbourne and that then the plan was to open around 30 stores national wide.

I hope that they come to Canberra...

kristy said...


I will go and compare the Bondi store just to double check ;-)