Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vegetarian Sydney

I've organised a weekend trip (3 days) for Mr T's birthday present. Now that the secret is out I can ask advice openly for your Sydney advice.

I've only been to Sydney once years and years ago.

Now I need the most important advice: food advice!

While I've been looking and asking some well informed friends I've found some really good websites:


Veggie Friendly
and even Sydney Vegan

The problem is how do I choose from all the restaurants?

So fare I've been informed that bodhi and Peace Harmony are must eats.

Also need to know where to stay, I keep finding hotels that look great online only to check out some really bad reviews at tripadviser.

So I need your help, where should I eat and stay?

Btw, does anyone know where to get vegetarian turnip cake (yum cha item) or good vegan breakfast or desserts in sydney?


Veggie Friendly said...

There are lots of great Sydney restaurants. I like Mother Chu's on Pitt St. in the city. There is a veggie cafe at Bondi Beach called Bamboo Cafe - they're not vegan but have vegan options on the menus (have a website if you want to check it out beforehand).

Bodhis is great for brunch on a lovely day because you can look out over a park. My favourite yum cha in Sydney but a little pricey -Purple Lotus is also supposed to be good for yum cha.

If you have time to go to Cabramatta there are plenty of vegan friendly veg restaurants because of the local Buddhist population.

Love to hear what you think of Sydney food.

cristy said...

Just found this site which gives you a pretty good list of the options in Sydney (but doesn't have reviews like HappyCow does).


Have a great time!

Vedmak said...

I was in Sydney last summer and I stayed at Sheraton hotel . the restaurants there were so nice that I hadn’t to go anywhere else