Monday, January 22, 2007

Agar Agar Rocks

My lunch today:peach and orange agar agar kelly, pasta salad topped with nutritional yeast and temeh strips with beetroot dip in my new bigger tiffin.

Claire inspired me to try agar agar after she made agar agar vodka and lychee shots for her birthday party. They were yummy and she also said they were easy to make.

So I set about yesterday determined to make some. I googled and found a few recipes and combined them to make up my jelly cups.

I combined orange juice(2 cups) with the agar agar powder(2 teaspoons) if you are using agar agar flakes use 2 tablespoons and then cook it until it boiled and poured it into the moulds filled with different types of fruit.

I tried blueberries, banana and canned peaches. Peaches were by the far the best but next time I will try it with apple juice instead of orange juice.

Although a word of warning, some fruits unless cooked will not set in agar agar including: kiwi fruit, pineapple, fresh figs, paw paw /papaya, mango and peaches. I used canned peaches which are precooked so it was fine.

Agar is high in iodine and trace minerals although apparently the powder is not as good as the flakes.


Claire said...

That looks scrumptious!
I'm going to try a few variations too.

Did you make the beetroot dip?

kristy said...

That was quick, I just posted it.

I didn't make the beetroot dip, it's yumi's creamed beetroot dip from the supermarket.

Thanks for the idea!

Adriana said...

Hey there,

I came across your blog through a google search for vegetarian blogs in Australia.

I recently read about agar agar as a vegetarian replacement for gelatine. That is such a great idea to use agar agar to make jelly shots!

--adriana @ chronicles of a dirty flamingo in the kitchen

kristy said...

Hi Adriana, thanks for visiting and commenting.

I checked out your blog, and love some of the recipes, will certainly attempt to make some in the future.