Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sexist housework

I can't believe how many women in their 20s do all the female stereotypical household roles while the male gets away with just the 'men's jobs'.

I also can't believe how often I hear women my age complaining about their male partners who do nothing.

And they say patriarchy doesn't exist.

How else do you explain both partners going to work and one coming home cooking, doing the dishes, washing, cleaning floors, doing the grocery shopping, cleaning the bath/shower/toilet and more in exchange for the male partner fixing things, putting out the rubbish and mowing the lawns.

How often do things really need to be fixed?

I don't get how they think that is a fair deal. Fixing things is very very rarely required. And mowing and putting out the rubbish are not exactly daily tasks. Taking out the rubbish take 2 minutes at the most.

I expect it with older couples, but younger couples.

This is 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend of mine had a good idea she swapped roles with her partner for a few weeks. He couldn't believe how much work was involved and wanted to swap back immediately.

There are men out there who do equal amounts, but there seemed to be some 1950s mindset that it is just the way it is and men won't do it.

I want to scream at the women: "demand more, demand equal shares of housework, that's not unrealistic, it's just equality" or when I get really angry I just want to scream "dump the loser and get a better guy" but instead I end up just saying that "Mr T and I do all the houswork together, 50/50".

They look at me like I am from Mars and then say "ohhhhhhhhh, Mr T sounds like such a great guy".

Yes he's a great guy, but doing half of the housework is not great it's just fair.

Rant over, thanks!


cristy said...

Excellent rant Kristy. I hope it felt good to get that off your chest!

Couldn't agree more BTW.

kristy said...

It did.


tugboatcaptain said...

They are half right.
I am a great guy
but not about the housework ; )