Saturday, January 20, 2007

Goodbye Pretzels

Three things have increased my motivation to give up pretzels.

1. An ex coworker turning vegan. Once I realised I was the motivation for the diet change I felt bad because I am a bad role model. OK pretzels aren't the only bad thing in my diet but probably the worst at the moment.

2. A recent sickness and death of a member of my family. Not related to excess salt but still it gave me more motivation. I hate hospitals and want to do everything I can to avoid ending up in one especially for something that can be prevented.

3. Mr T likening me to a drug addict and hiding the bag of pretzels.

So whats wrong with pretzels? Unfortunately the very thing that lures me in: Salt!

Like most people I get enough salt in my diet without actually adding salt to any meals let alone eating lots and lots and lots and lots of pretzels.

Excess salt consumption is linked to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and kidney damage and a lot more.

Besides when I turn to pretzels I am turning away from actual nutritious foods. I plan on replacing pretzels with unsalted nuts and more fruit.

Wish me good luck I am going to need it!

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