Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I survived!

It was much better than I expected. I think the problem with meeting parents of a loved one after so long is you tend to hear all of the not so great stuff about them that you wouldn't typically hear so early in the relationship which doesn't help with the nervousness or with establishing positive thoughts. The other problem is that my first meeting lasted almost a whole week which is quite a long time for a first meeting. It was however great to be able to see where Mr T gets some of his traits and looks. He talks a lot like his father but looks more like his mother. I liked his family much more than I expected, especially his sister who I got on quite well with. I feel exhausted now and feel this strange sort of relief that it is combined with a sadness that I don't really comprehend. I am so sick of driving as I offered to be chauffeur for the whole trip. So much was explored over the last week, I have so many pictures and experiences to share but it will have to wait until I am a little more energetic. In the meantime I will leave you with one pic from today's exploration: Werribee open range zoo.

Photo taken by Mr T

Btw, I noticed that my post on movies has been included in the latest Carnival of Feminists thanks to an annoymous someone. It's just the inspiration I needed to make sure I do follow through on my word to make the list. In the meantime go and check out some of the great links in the latest carnival.


Melinda Casino said...

"An anonymous someone" here. I'm glad you were pleased it was included.

Love the photo.

kristy said...

Melinda, my first guess was that it was you. But I thought I shouldn't ask just in case it wasn't.


cristy said...

Glad to hear that the meeting went so well.