Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Being an adult is just great sometimes

If I could go back in time to when I was younger I would love to have a chat with a younger me and try to tell myself to enjoy being a kid and stop wishing and waiting til I was older. I remember wanting to be about 12 and then 14 and so on. I'm not sure what was so appealing about being an adult since my childhood was in no way bad, but I just wanted to be able to do things like drive and have money, and stay up late and all sorts of other petty things that seemed so important then. Sure people told me to enjoy being a kid, but that doesn't really work, but maybe coming from my future self would.

Anyway back to the topic, with the week I have been having I realised it's not that great to be an adult. Yes it's taken me about a decade of being an adult to work that out. With work driving me crazy, Mr T's parents coming, getting sick and having to deal with some tricky situations, and trying to make big decisions I just want a holiday or to not have all this yucky responsibility right now.

I had acupuncture tonight and boy was I grateful it was just what the doctor ordered. Those 20 minutes with the lights dimmed, the traditional Chinese music, the water feature was amazing. If I only I could relax like that in yoga classes. My doc joked that I will just need to learn acupuncture and do it to myself at home.

This week I woke up to a cold, cold sores (yes plural) and pimples (again plural and big and nasty looking) and one messy apartment. Did I mention that I am freaked out by Mr T's parents coming here? His mother is a neat freak, and doesn't speak English, and his sister thinks that spending $200 on one meal not including drinks is ok, and there are all sorts of crazy requests like a day trip to see the 12 apostles (some famous rocks over 4 hours drive away) and since I am the only one who drives I will be playing chauffeur the whole time in my tiny old car. I'm sure there will be requests for pictures with me with pimples and cold sores and I've never met them. How have we been together for so long and I'm never met them? I think we have both been putting it off, but now it is worse because instead of just being some woman who their son is seeing, I'm the one who took their only son half way around the world to live. Arhhhhhhhh I'm trying to think positive thoughts but I just have the worse feeling about this hopefully I am wrong.

Today I requested to go part time at work because I can't do next semester at uni and work full time and it didn't go that great as I expected, in fact I might be denied that right in which case I will have to defer adding another year of studying or find another job.

Thanks for letting me vent, this is probably my last chance before the big meeting!


Theresa said...

Good luck meeting the parents. I met Andy's parents for the first time at Christmas. I was *so* nervous. We were spending 2 weeks with his entire family, and I'd never met any of them before--and Christmas as a vegan is tricky enough when you know the people!

It did turn out fine though, I only felt stupid a few times, and his mum was really good about cooking and eating vegan foods, and I'm sure you'll be great too!

cristy said...

Sending you positives thoughts.

They would be crazy not to love you.

BTW THANK YOU SO MUCH for the thoughtful package, I am hoarding it all until this elimination diet is over.