Tuesday, June 26, 2007


* Stranger than fiction isn't a really bad typical Will Ferrell movie. I actually enjoyed it.

* Avocado and Vegemite actually go well together on toast. The vegemite kind of acts in place of salt.


ann said...

that would make it doubly salty right?

Theresa said...

I went through a phase when I put vegemite and garlic salt on my salad sandwiches. So yummy.

kristy said...

Ann that was meant to read vegemite making it salty.

Will correct that now!

Theresa I love garlic salt but just discovered that my current one has dairy in it so have to start looking for a new brand.

claire said...

No way! Dave and I hired Stranger Then Fiction on Sunday night!! another movie that we, and you, have hired and watched at the same(ish) time - wow!

We liked it too.

Are you feeling any better?

Dirty Flamingo said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!

My red glasses are out of commission for the time being. If you were seated close to the kitchen and saw someone who looked like me at a restaurant where they had a pumpkin soup on special in the inner north....it was most definitely me :) I'm the only girl in the kitchen who works nights.

I hope you enjoyed your meal!!

Sally Veganini said...

I'll make your mulled wine some time soon.. it sounds good..

ACK reading over your blogger profile, it would seem we share more in common, than being vegans who don't like VWaV :D

Can you let me know where the good jewish supermarkets in melbourne are?
My brother lives there, and I visit him often enough- I'd love to check them out..

kristy said...

Dirty Flamingo, next time I'm there I'll give you a wave. So if you see a stranger waving at you it's just me.

Sally, I've noticed a few other things in common too.

The jewish supermarket I went to was on Glenhuntly Rd. I've heard that Glen Eira Road also has some great places.