Friday, August 10, 2007

National Ride to Work Day, 17 October 2007

Be part of Australia’s biggest active workplace event on 17 October 2007. Thousands of regular and first-time riders from all states and territories will join the inaugural National Ride to Work Day.

Over 22 000 riders are expected to register for the event, with breakfast events in most city centres, over 70 regional breakfasts and thousands of workplace breakfasts around Australia. ABC Local Radio is the official radio partner in city and regional areas.

This is your opportunity to have a real impact on global warming and reap the health benefits of getting active. Research has shown that 34% of first-time riders participating in last year’s national pilot event were still riding five months later. Ride to Work Day really works!

For information, inspiration, free kits and loads of giveaways and prizes see

Ok I admit I I just copied and pasted that from their website, but it's better than not posting about it at all, right?

I just registered as my workplace ride to work co-ordinator and as a rider so it will be my first time riding to work. I need to start practising soon because it will not be an easy distance for me.

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