Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A confession

We went back to the tofu shop last week.

I swore it would never happen after he hassled Mr T about veganism last year but it was a tue night and we originally tried to eat at trippy taco only to discover that they were closed. We then tried to go to Bodhi but they were also closed. So we decided to go past and if the horrible manager wasn't there we would go in. He wasn't there and so we ate there. I wish I could say that the food sucked but we loved it. It has got to be on of the healthiest vegetarian cafes in Melbourne and yet the food is still so tasty, especially the homemade tofu dishes. I do feel guilty though!


On a non food related note, my heart goes out to the poor victims of the bushfires. I donated what little money we had to red cross, and will be donating clothes and blood soon too. I might also be helping out through our workplace but wish there was more that I could do!


I'm Philippa O said...

it seems the red cross doesn't have a moment to spare: tim heard they can't start taking any more blood donations for at least 2 weeks! when asked how that was if it was such an emergency, they responded that they were actually fine for blood. the media hasn't caught on to that yet though

kham_ing said...

personally, i think its a conspiracy, trippy taco never seems to be open - it is in fact a front you see.

also, emergency or not, they still won't be accepting homosexual blood. or the blood of perfectly healthy person who weighs less than 50kg. yes, I'm ranting now.