Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes you really need to rant

Maybe it's due to the worst pain I have ever experienced, or the fact that I got little sleep, or the fact that I can't really move without excruitating pain but am thinking that punching my new neighbour might be a good idea. And I'm the least violent person ever, so much so that I refuse to watch violent tv shows/movies. She and her friend are so loud that I can hear every word of her stupid conversations and her horrible singing to Kylie Minogue and other horrible pop songs. Our walls are not even joined. I never any sound come out from the old neighbours. She is possibly the loudest person ever. I really don't understand how she continually be so loud. The worst part is that when I was lying in bed trying really hard to sleep at 1.30 in the morning I thought well at least I can sleep in since there is no way I can go to work today, but she was up at 7.30 still being ridciously loud. Maybe she hasn't gone to bed. So please please please just SHUT UP!

I don't know what I have done to my back but I have been having the most painful spasms. I think I did it volunteering with the bushfire vicitms, what type of weird karma is that? It is so painful that I just want to cry and it just makes me feel sick. I never take panadol. I might take one every couple of years and because I never take it one always seems to be enough. Last night was so bad that I took two panadol and it did nothing. I then took nurofen and analgesic and still nothing. I was seriously thinking about going to the hospital just to get something stronger. I have an appointment with physio for the first time ever today and am really hoping that they can help.

To balance out the ranting, here's a cute pic of button on her fav chair:


Theresa said...

Oh kristy, I hope your back gets better quickly. You have to take care of yourself!! And that sucks about the noisy neighbour. I feel your pain, we've got some sucky neighbours in our unit block, but at least they're quiet in the morning.

Cute button though!

Mandee said...

You poor thing. I had a neighbour that would have their tv up so loud I could hear it clearly. I would go to bed and all I could hear was their tv. I couldn't pin point who it was either but they must have moved, finally!

I hope the physio helps you out, back pain is the worst. I'm not a fan of taking pain relief either but I think it's good you took some when you are obviously in a lot of pain.

I hope you feel better soon xox

Miss T said...

I sympathise! My upstairs neighbours have developed the habit of all four of them having loud conversations at 1:30am at the back of their falt, which are so loud that they keep me awake in my bedroom inthe front of my flat below. Did I mention they have a newborn up there?

And as a longtime fellow back sufferer ... ouch! I have always found physio the most effective relief, as well as stretching as much as possible. You probably already know, but it's best to either lie or stand to keep the spine and muscles aligned - sitting down is lethal. Also, husbands are obliged to do all the cooking, cleaning, housework, shopping, washing up, fetching and carrying required for the duration :)

Hope it gets better soon,

kristy said...

I can't believe we have all had such annoying noisy neighbors. Thanks your comments!

Rachel, you are so right about sitting down!