Monday, February 02, 2009

The worst festival ever

With the bottle issue aside, it was still the worst festival I have ever been to. So badly organised! You had to line up to go out of one show and then again to go into another and they closed off most of the stages so for most of main acts most people couldn't even enter. A friend of mine got a ticket just to see girl talk and despite trying to cue hours before the show still couldn't enter along with hundreds of other people.

They clearly sold too many tickets (even though tickets were not even sold out) as it was way too crowded.

The little lonsdale st was the worst, even if you could get in, you couldn't actually see anything unless you were in the first couple of rows because there was no slope or hill.

Also, most of the shows the general public could see for free. In fact for the library, and QV stagse not only could the general public see but they could actually sit down and enjoy the shows without paying. The lonsdale st stage was one of the main stages and you could stand outside the barrier on the footpath where the hobby shop was and enjoy all of the acts if you wanted to for free. Next year, I might go and see a few shows for free instead of giving them my money as I am never handing my money over to them again.

It was also supposed to be a non smoking event, but so many people were smoking and security didn't pull up anyone. On a side note I've disovered that retro type ray bands tends to equals annoying smoker.

I was so over being there that I along with most people left early before the main acts (well I couldn't get in anyway).

Also, despite being quite close to the lonsdale st stage you couldn't actually hear stereolab's vocals.

Never again!

(I will go back to non rant posting next I promise)

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lisa said...

St Jerome's have posted a response to all the criticism they received on their website:

I've read so many bad accounts of the festival, it's such a shame.