Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coffee: My Drug of Choice

As most of you might know, I love my coffee. A cup of proper coffee is office workers' best friend. The scent, the taste and the caffeine gives you a good kick in the morning and helps you to carry on with the 8 hours of mind numbing/draining work.

Having a Soy Long Mac(chiato) at Brother Baba Budan(BBB) before work is like my ritual. I have never had a bad coffee there.

Soy Long Mac @ Seven Seeds , mother store of Brother Baba Budan

My recent favourite is the little deli/cafe Superfino (275 Flinders Lane, Melbourne). The non-hipster Barista makes a good Soy Long Mac and Soy Latte with Coffee Supreme Organic Fairtrade Blend with bonsoy. They are also pretty close to my work and don't have long queues like BBB.

When you are in the city, you can also get good coffee at Jungle Juice, Switchboard (they also sell vegan Anzac cookies) and Pushka. I have also heard raving reviews of Collins Quarter and Dancing Goats.

This is a food blog so let's talk about food. Away from the city, you can enjoy a vegan moussaka (replace Feta with Hummus) or baked beans with a nice cup of coffee at Ray (332 Victoria St Brunswick). One of their waitresses is vegan and she went through all the vegan options with Kristy and I.

Soy Long Mac from Ray

Bomb Cafe (229 Johnston St Abbotsford) make one of the best vegan breakfasts in Melbourne and their coffee is not bad either.

Soy Long Mac from Bomb Cafe
In other news: I'm doing my first Critical Mass tomorrow night! See you at 5:30pm outside the State Library at the corner of Swanston St and LaTrobe St.


I'm Philippa O said...

fellow coffee drinker: if you're up in thorbury this weekend try coffee at el joyero, my friends' new cafe. they have ali beans

goo luck with the critical mass, i'll be chowing down in st albans!

BrisVegan said...

Mmmmhhh Coffee!

I love it too. I am jealous of the excellence of the Melbourne coffee scene! You get all the good stuff.

tugboatcaptain said...
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::Toby:: said...

Hey Pip! I heard it on Mess+Noise too. I will blog about it when I go there:

Hi Brisvegan, I'm really curious about the Blackstar Coldpress coffee at Westend market. I heard lots of good things about it.

lisa said...

Nice coffee post :)

lisa said...

I tried Superfino and it was really good. Plus they use BioCups which are good for the environment. Think I'm gonna get me a keepcup though.