Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good and Bad from Isa

I've been loving Vegan Brunch and think it one of Isa's best books along with my bible- vegan cupcakes take over the world.

I followed her simple but brilliant suggestion to add lemon pepper to my potatoes, I used chat potatoes because they are superior really. However, beware most of the lemon pepper options in the supermarket seem to have chicken in them, the salt free option doesn't though.

I have found mixed results with Veganomicon though, we loved the leek and bean cassoluet but had issues with the biscuits and had to throw them out.

We also made the seitan cutlets from,Veganomicon and they sucked, they were rubbery and even the taste was wrong it just tasted like gluten flour.


steph said...

s-j makes the leek + bean cassoulet and the biscuits are DELICIOUSNESS. so may i suggest trying again?! said...

I love that leek & bean cassoulet, I've never had a problem with the biscuits but you could always try these ones

They're from the Where's The Revolution? blog and they look delicious!

lisa said...

As you know, Veganomicon doesn't really work for me. I've had a few sweet things that were good but every savoury thing I made was just bland. I'm keen to try the Brunch book though!

I'm Philippa O said...

you know i share lisa's sentiments on that great hulking book of yawn :) but the brunch book reads really well, pity i haven't tried anything out of it yet despite owning it for almost a month now!

Niki said...

Hmm... I own Veganomicon (I think it's the only vegan cookbook I own) and I have never made anything from it. That's a shame it's such a mixed bag!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog and did love your links but I really object to the word Veg*n being used to cover vegetarian blogs,there is enough confusion in the general public as to the difference between the two but Veganism is a moral movement (health & environment lead to parts diet and some parts of the lifestyle but not complete veganism) and as Vegan and Lacto-ovo vegetarianism have very specific differences its insulting to veganism i think and links lacto ovo to complete animal product avoidance which it certainly is not.

I have enjoyed seeing other vegan blogs from bris, syd,melb etc but on a few found links to meat dishes at food expos, raves about egg and haloumi dishes etc.. so substituting an "a" with a "*" doesnt distinguish these enough from the genuine article, keep up the fun blog!

kristy said...

Annon, veg*n is not a term I invented, it is pretty common amongst the vegetarian community, see here:*n

It's just a lazy way to say vegetarian and vegan together. I could title it vegetarian, but then it really doesn't really include vegans. And saying 'Australian vegetarian and vegan blogs' is just too long. There are only two or three out of the large list of blogs that are vegetarian and all them clearly label their vegan meals as vegan so I really don't think it confuses anyone.

I think vegetarian blogs are just as important as vegan blogs. I know that the blog wheres the beef probably gets more readers than any of the Aussie vegan blogs, and many of the readers are omni. Surely, showing omni's that meals without meat is a step in the right direction. Also, it's important to remember that many vegans were vegetarian first, alienating them is really not helpful for anyone.

kristy said...

Steph and VIB, maybe I should try it again.

Lisa and Pip, you really should try something out of vegan brunch!

Nikki, there are some good ones amongst it. The ones that generally get blogged about a lot, like chickpea cutlets and the bean balls.

Vegetation said...

Mmm I need to buy lemon pepper!! YUM! Those taties look fabulous!

Sorry about your biscuits :( I made that casserole subbing seitan for the beans and didn't have a problem with the biscuits (actually we were all fighting over them, they were the best bit).

I've had a couple of diasters too though and a LOT of the recipes need fiddling with (my cookies are ALWAYS way too dry and my waffles are always disasterously wet, and my muffins always need extra liquid too and less baking time).

I hope you find more recipes you love!