Tuesday, August 05, 2003


I got clarity this morning. Its such an amazing thing. I feel that i'm one step closer to working out what i want to do career wise and strangely enough it didn't come from looking into career options. It came from waking up and thinking what a wonderful person one of my friends is. I won't out them since i know they don't want the attention but without even realising it, without even trying they taught me a powerful lesson. Wow actually a few lessons. They didn't offer advice last night when we spoke but just a ear and some time. I realised the beauty of unconditional love something many people miss out on unfortunately, i realised that as a person the best i can do is be all the qualities i believe in, i realised that if i want to make some sort of difference it must be expressed through love, kindness, and compassion not through frustration, sadness and anger, i realised that looks can be deceiving, i realised that i can do whatever i want including combining the areas that i care about the most, i realised how empowering one person can be on your life, i realised that sometimes the not spoken is more powerful than words and more importantly i realised what i want to do for the causes i care about.

I plan on spending the next six to twelve months in Hong Kong discovering the fine points of that plan and making it happen.

Thank you friend just for being you!

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