Sunday, August 31, 2003

Becoming Mellow

I think its happening to me in my old age.

Ok so i'm not old but i certainly am starting to lose the edge.

I had a weird call tonight on my mobile phone.

Some woman (at least i think it was a woman) called me tonight and started asking me all sorts of questions while in the past i may have just hung up on her tonight i talked to her. I didn't answer all her questions but i aksed her why she wanted to know. It turns out that her boyfriend had my number in his phone. Now i've never heard of her boyfriend. So rather than say something unconstructive i simply and camly explained that while i know whats its like to be cheated on she has the wrong person and besides i live in HK there is no way i'm managing a long distance relationship with someone who has a partner.

I talked to her for about 15 minutes, poor gal having her heart broken by her boyfriend (don't i know what thats like). I waited till she had said all she could and ended the call despite the fact that it was in fact costing me hefty international roming costs.

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