Sunday, August 10, 2003

Whats a blogger to do.

My little sister (whos only 12) knows about my blog, at the moment she not interested in reading it. However, last night she announced to all my family that they can read my blog when i'm away and even went to say the address (shes knows the bluer than pink part). This blog reveals more than i want my whole family to know however the idea of sending many group emails isn't appealing either. Therefore i've been thinking about starting another blog. A not so personal one that i give to all my friends and family it also saves me from answering the same questions repeatedly. Great in theory but do i really want two blogs? And then how do i choose which information goes where.

Does anyone know anyone who has two blogs, what do you think? Or should i just stick to group emails?

And then if i do start a new one what do i call it?

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