Wednesday, August 13, 2003

"You've grown up Kristy"

This coming from someone who held my hand about 4 years ago after one of the most traumatic experiences in my life.

From someone else this would seem patrionising but i understood (and no he was not referring to me leaving the country.)

We have a marriage pact he reminded me, if in 8 years we are both alone then...

It was strange thinking about what has happened since we first become friends, what the experience did to me, who i've become.

I felt sad because he was and has been one of my greatest friends and i will not see him for a while.

I felt sad as we talked about leaving my little sister.

I felt sad about leaving tonight.

But thankful for our friendship, for the 'old times', for knowing that there is at least one person who was there, who saw what I did, what i went through, the struggle and the resiliency.

And thankful for he cared enough to try to give me a lecture.

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