Saturday, September 20, 2003

Seeking what exactly?

About two years ago

My uncle took his life.

I don't like to use the expression "he commited sucide" (but thats a whole other discussion).

He left behind three sons, one who was only about three at the time, one who was about 20 and one my age.

Because of this, and other exposure i've had to sucide (degree, crisis counselling etc) i get quite angry when i hear people dismiss ones talk of sucide as merely attention seeking.

Even those who talk about sucide in a way which would be deemed as 'attention seeking' need help, need compassion, need someone. Yes they might be seeking attention but this expression seems to under-estimate the fact that they are crying out for some sort of help.

Not everyone who talks about sucide will attempt it, however almost every one who has killed themself will have spoken about it to someone.

Comments about sucide, whether its the first or the hundredth time they have mentioned it need to be taken seriously.

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