Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Veganism in HK (yes i pre-warned all you carcass munchers so that you skip over this post)

Someone said to me you will come back from HK as a meat eater again.

Well sorry missy but your wrong.

Sure its hard being a vegan here.

Especially with chicken stock, and oyster sauce added to most of the vegetarian dishes here and some restaurants not even serving one vegetarian dish.

Its made me recap what veganism means to me, what i'm willing to do for the cause.

Its pretty amazing when you think about it. I'm willing to do everything i can to avoid animal products in a country that loves freshly killed flesh. Even if it means being able to eat only one crappy dish at some restaurants. Even if means missing out on sharing dishes with my flesh loving counterparts. Even if it inconvenient, and hard sometimes. It also means re learning which products are vegan and where they are stocked.

It makes me realise how easy veganism is in Melbourne. People, people, people with the great vegan food we have in Melbourne and so readily available you really have no excuse. Just go to vegetarian orgasm and try their deserts i guarantee you won't be disappointed (ahhh i miss their desserts).

I've also realised the power of surrounding yourself with other vegans. I met two other vegans today and it was great. They introduced me to all sorts of great vegan food available here. We have some great vegan products from the US i've never seen before like luna bars, tropical choice chocolates, and my favorite; what i found last night chocolate- choc chip ice cream.

I need to work hard here at maintaining my vegan lifestyle here, cook in crappy conditions, go to the special supermarkets to get some specality vegan foods. Buts its so worth it. I really do think i will leave Hong Kong as a better cook and as Tanya (from How it all vegan cookbook) puts it i will be a 'better vegan warrior' for it.

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