Saturday, November 15, 2003


Having a cold which basically consists of a irritating cough, headache and runny nose which is blown so many times your nose appears to look something like Rudolf.

Eating some bad bad Indian food which resulted in you staying up most of the night with major stomach cramps, vomiting and unmentionable problems in the nether regions.

Then waking up at 7.30am after very little sleep to leave for work and as your leaving inform your flatmate of your sickness and then requesting that if they get a chance can they get some toilet paper, peppermint tea (great for cold and stomach) and get some plain rice when they get some dinner.

Imagine working for 9 hours with pretty much all of the above symptoms present (minus vomiting) in addition to feeling quite weak. The children tease you that you have Sars and ask why your nose is red (don't you love their honesty?)

Then you leave work finally after what seems to be like the longest working day of your life and wanting nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV or even bed with plain rice.

You call your flat mates mobile, you call home no answer on either one. Aha he is probably buying plain rice to be ready when i get home like the sweetie he is.

Half way through the 30 minute journey home your mobile rings and he asks you to come to mutual friends place for dinner. You very politely explain that this is most likely not a good idea because of your sickness.

Obviously no rice for me.

You finally arrive home only to reach into your bag and find no key.

You call flat mate, he promises to leave friends and will be home in 45 minutes.

You wonder around to a restaurant where you order plain rice much to the confusion of staff.

1 hour later and over 12 hours since you left home your flatmate arrives and you finally walk in the door feeling like walking death.

Well at least there is toilet paper.

No such luck

Sleep now!

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