Sunday, November 02, 2003

Ok sat night and i feel like writing about a hundred things but i'll settle for 10.

1. I need to change my hair it has faded to this terrible mousy colour. I need to change it asap. Either lighter or darker. I'm leaning towards darker. Amber my lovely hairdresser friend if you find yourself reading my blog: what should i do or rather when can you fly over? Once i get the colour sorted it out i will cut it. I have been thinking about going shorter for some time now but not sure if i'm ready short short just yet. The one thing that has prevented me from doing it so far is i don't think that i have the sort of face that looks best with short hair. You know: pretty, long cheekbones, small nose etc. Which reminds me of point number two.

2. Happy birthday Erin I really wish i could have got you something. In fact i was planning on getting you something from your Amazon wish list as soon as i discovered that you had one which was about three weeks ago (when i added you to my friend list). But i'm afraid i don't have the cash. Still your obviously still in my thoughts and i hope you get to eat lots of yummy food and relax with no work for your birthday. Also make sure you check your mail.

3. I was being watched tonight on the mtr and it got me thinking what would i be thinking if it was me observing me. Ok here goes:

She seems so engrossed in her book, but then the mtr stops and she folds the page and closes the book. What a terrible way to treat a book. But then she re- opens the book as if she couldn't keep away, or maybe she realised that there was still such a long way to go and so boring without the book. She smirks to herself half way through a page (in the country where facial expressions are to be kept neutral but then she is a gwaipo) and then seems to realise that she's smiling reading a book because she looks up as if to see if anyone has noticed and the man across is smiling at her: yes he seen it. She smiles embarrassingly. I wonder what made her smile like that. Maybe it took her back to a happier time, maybe she thought of the one, maybe it was a happy ending to a sad chapter; maybe it was a funny joke in the book, maybe she just discovered who the killer is. She reads for a little longer and while she doesn't smile with her mouth, her eyes deceive her by crinkling in the corners just like a child does when it smiles. She obviously happy about something i wonder if just the book or her life. She looks up as the mtr stops again and folds the page again. Such disrespect for a book she's obviously enjoying. She hops on to the platform and because she is taller than most she slowly disappears into the crowd .

4. Being alone is great. I don't just mean being single (although i am enjoying that especially at the moment) but some time away from friends and family. I so strongly recommend traveling by yourself as much i hate being away my friends and family. I've felt like i've got to know myself so much better. Although i still at a loss to what i will do career change. Also much to my surprise i enjoy living by myself. I know i don't technically live by myself but Michael is here so infrequently that it feels like it.

5. I've learnt to let go. I've replaced alot of my anger towards people who have hurt me to actually worrying about them. I started being reasonable and asking why they did the things they did rather than how it affected me.

6. Remember H i'm sure i've spoke about him before (too lazy to link back though). Well i think he has finally gave up. It was wimpy of me i know but i purposely didn't answer some of his calls; and turned every single offer for various different outings (party, hiking, shopping) since he has got back. But then he never formally asked me out. As perfect as he is or seems it just doesn't seem right, well not now anyway (i've learned never to say never).

7. Am i thinking about cooking and food to much if i actually think in my head of describing a small section of the crowd as a teaspoon?

8. I'm actually going to miss somethings about Hong Kong when i go back. I don't know why this took so long to sink it.

9. Can i be called highly predictable when i call a restaurant and order and they say miss kristy yes? pickup? and its generally on a sat night oh yes and its always the same dish and rice. Well in my defense. They only have one vegan option and two its the closest restaurant to me for a quick pick up on a sat night (the busiest and most tiring working days for me: 9.5 hours of jumping and down and playing animated kristy). The rest of the week i assure you as i try to assure myself that i am highly unpredictable and as i stated elsewhere so unpredictable i need do grocery shopping at least every second day.

10. Now that my working visa has come through, and i can actually earn money rather than spent someone else's. I can start doing some of those things that inspired me to come here in the first place like wing chun. About bloody time

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