Friday, December 09, 2005

Nov 16th: A sad day for vegans

yes very late with this one but just got news via a email list that i'm on.

Donald Watson founder of veganism died aged 95 on that day.

Not so bad age wise for someone who didn't eat ‘proper food’.

It is due to him that we can thank him for the term vegan rather than the other suggested names: dairyban”, “vitan”, “benevore”, “sanivore” and “beaumangeur”.

Imagine that: 'no i'm a beaumanageur'

'a what?'


News taken from times online.


In other news i have perhaps been listening to too much punk music, as i allowed my hairdresser tonight to colour my hair bright orange (or copper as he calls it).


shamash said...

Cool!!! I love copper-orange! :-)

kristy said...


strangely mr T also had the same reaction: cool!

I'm not so sure, hoping it will grow on me.