Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yet another time to feel ashamed as an Australian.

As taken from the The Age

Mobs yelling racist chants chased down and bashed people of middle eastern appearance at Sydney's Cronulla beach today, also turning on police fighting to prevent a full-scale riot.

Some groups in the crowd, estimated to have peaked at 5,000, also stomped on and swarmed around police cars trying to move from one violent flare-up to the next.

The trouble began with scuffles about midday after thousands of people, many carrying Australian flags and dressed in Australian shirts, rallied at the beach.

As the crowd moved along the beach and foreshore area today, one man on the back of a ute began to shout "No more Lebs" - a chant picked up by the group around him.

Others in the crowd, carrying Australian flags and dressed in Australian shirts, yelled "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ... Oi, Oi, Oi".

Many had adorned their bodies with racist slogans. One shirtless teenager walked by, this message painted on his back: "It's time for a f---ing war, so join the army of hardcore".

What the hell is going on in Sydney?

I of course went looking for answers at Darpism who shed a tiny bit of light of the situation.

According to Darp (which you should read for a more detailed version of the events):

There most certainly have been times where large groups of Lebanese youth have acted in an anti-social manner down Cronulla way. The initial incident which sparked off the Cronulla situation being no exception.

From what i can gather from his blog and the SMHl ebanese youths were involved in the following:

North Cronulla Beach, in Sydney's south, was the scene of two violent incidents last week - an attack on two lifesavers on Sunday and a brawl later in the week in which youths turned on a media crew.

Whatever the reason though that behaviour is not only inexcusable, its also disgraceful, disturbing and absolutely disgusting (yes threes ds).

As Darp put it:

Whatever the case, one thousand people fueled with alcohol seeking to beat the crap out of someone because they look different is certainly not the Australian way.

Probably not a good idea to mention in less than 48 hrs Mr T hops on a plane on his way here. We are not all like that, I promise! Besides there is something in the water in Sydney, Melbournians on the other hand are a different breed all together

Ok maybe not all of them, but we do have a lower crime rate!

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