Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hows your summer(or winter depending on where you are) going?

Its only mid Jan but so far I've had a great summer, highlights include:

The weather finally some summer weather in summer in melbourne
going to the beach
my new blue poka dot shoes
xmas day
Claire's party
sons and daughters show
front row seats(actually beanbags) at the Stereo MC show
house sitting for Ms Honey with her adorable cat
reading for fun (more on that later)
inheriting some new cds (since Mr T moved here)
having more time to spend with family and friends
and lots of yummy food (see below)

Chickpea salad from garden of vegan

BBQ 'pork' buns cooked by Mr T

lunch at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery (Queen st Melbourne)


emma said...

please please please take a picture of the polka dot shoes!!! for me..

kristy said...

actyually a took a pic of them but the pic didn't do them justice, i will take another next time i wear them and post them.

They were so cheap too, i jumped up and down when i got them.

shamash said...

Happy New Year!

the food looks yummy!

Harmonia said...


You are my first blog visit of the day, btw!