Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm still alive!

Just been busy and house sitting for the lovely Ms Honey which means no internet access.

I've also been trying to help Mr T get a job which has been a challenge.

The timing is bad with xmas and new years eve.

However he has applied for all sorts of crappola jobs probably a total of about 100 since he arrived (3 weeks ago): data entry, telemarketing, a few different retail places, restaurants, bar and even a cleaner job.

With no replies with the exception of two.

Both of which offer unpaid training (2 weeks) and a very very low salary.

Its like he has a sign above his head reading: Migrant- exploit me!

I thought I had a crappola job, but these ones make mine seem like a dream job. Hell they almost made McDonalds seem like a dream employer.

Fingers crossed things will pick up soon.

And I'll be back next week, looking forward to catching up on my blog reading.

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Melinda Casino said...

Glad you're still alive! I did wonder and checked your blog the other day...

Fingers crossed, yes, about the job hunting. Stay strong!