Monday, January 30, 2006

Ok the Big news:

Mr T got a JOB!

It's not the greatest job ever. But its legal and pays a decent wage and it is close to where i work.

He's so happy!

So how did get it:

its the old not what you know buy who you know: a friend referred him.


We went to big day out yesterday and despite very sore/feet legs, being kicked in the head twice and being very sweaty for most of the day and now sunburnt it was still a great day!

The first show we saw was The Subways(see pic below). I looked around and felt kind of old as we were mostly surrounded by teenagers but then they are only young themselves so i guess it is to be expected. We were only a few people back from the front and they were awesome, they play with so much energy and stage presence especially Charlotte the bass player, i hate the guitarist/bass players who play and look like they would prefer to cleaning a toilet than playing. The crowd loved it too. Billy (lead singer) crowd surfed a few times although sadly not in our direction, seeing what hanging around teenagers does. It was so hot in there, and combined with our dancing along with everyone else we were drenched in sweat by the end. But well worth it, so much so I bought their t-shirt.

Next, was sleater kinney(see pic below) who along with The subways were my two favourite acts of the day. Again we were relatively close to the stage although i had to endure some horrible dance music waiting for them. It was pretty funny though a room full of ravers and rockers. Ravers enjoying the dance show and the rockers looking bored and irritated and waiting for s-k. We were standing there inspecting our highlighted show list when the man behind us motioned to highlighted iggy pop, and informed us he was the stooges bass player (which was later confirmed to be true). We chatted for a bit and he too was sick of the dance music and waiting for s-k. They were awesome, as good as their cds maybe even better. Again no bored looking singing or playing and lots of dancing. The crowd was pretty mixed, old and young.

We saw bits and pieces of lots of shows, some because I was bored, some because we had more important shows to watch for. The toilet queue wasn't as bad as expected. I did however spend a lot on calls/messages trying to find everyone. Next time I won't bother.

Other highlights: iggy pop- any 50 something year old who can play that hard and crowd surf is doing pretty well, although some should tell him that underwear is good and butt crack and really low pants is not so attractive. We were pretty close thanks to good timing of lining up. The crowd was really mixed, lots of teenagers, people in their 20's/30's and quite a few in their 40's/50's. The funniest sight i saw was a older very short asian male in his 40's push past everyone to get to the front and his wife and his son (in his 20s) behind just standing there looking quite embarassed and shaking their heads as his dancing and pushing to the fron. Iggy also managed to get about 20 people from the crowd on the stage with him until security pushed them off where incidentally I was kicked in the head twice, how? crowd surfers falling on me (see below).

The white stripes were also really good even though I could only see meg OR jack not both at the same time and they were pretty tiny from how far back we were. The crowd went crazy when Meg sang but they sadly finished 10 minutes before they were supposed to.

One disappointment was missing out on seeing Mars Volta, and the Magic Numbers. I only heard one song from Magic Numbers and it sounded great and two of my friends said Mars Volta was the best act of the day.

So top 4 shows:
1. Sleater-kinney
2. Subways (it was a close first)
3. Iggy Popy
4. The white stripes


jlp said...

Sheer envy prohibits me from commenting on Big Day Out. Let me just jump to--Congratulations, Mr. T! You both must be so relieved.

intint said...

Hi Kristy,
I'm a long time lurker...I like reading your blog. Thought now would be a good time to come out and say 'hi' to you and 'congratulations' to Mr T for getting a job so quickly.

kristy said...

jlp, thanks.

But aren't you living japan? If so what about all the awesome festivals you have there? fuji? summersonic?

Inting, i have long time lurkers? wow! Thanks popping in, will check out your site soon.

jlp said...

Kristy, I just left Tokyo in September. So no more fun Japanese festivals for me. But I'm sure I'll find something in New York. (One-horse town that it is. Heh.)

Stu said...

When you gonna get over here & join me in Glastonbury Festival!!?? You'd Love it!

kristy said...

jlp, i'm sure there are many great lives shows in new york, more so than melbourne.

Stu, Mr T keeps joking (well i think its joking) that we should go to glastonbury festival for our honeymoon.