Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mr Stereo MC- live at the chapel

Yesterday Mr T and I both had pretty bad days, although him more so than me, he had possibly the worst interview ever.

I just had one of those days when clients, and a couple of my co-workers drove me a little crazy.

So when i went home I knew exactly which song should be played:

Hefner's 'the greedy ugly people'.

We then danced like crazy, when I mean like crazy i actually mean crazy dancing as in really really bad dancing.

So bad that it was impossible not to burst out laughing.

We continued for a few more songs like that dancing and laughing until our sides hurt from laughing so much.

I strongly recommend it!


Melinda Casino said...

Thanks for the music rec - which is now on my Amazon wishlist. Hope you and Mr. T have better days soon!

claire said...

that is an awesome way to beat the blues!

kristy said...

Thanks SD!

Claire, forget art therapy, music therapy is the way to go. I could lead the way of course :-)

shamash said...

I agree: dancing- crazy dancing- is one of tje BEST forms of therapy. It's even better when you're with your best friend!