Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A busker in Bourke St Mall

Last week was all over the place, highlights and lowlights include:


* sitting through a job interview and babbling like an idiot, only to discover that 1. i had a flat battery on a 40 degree day and had to wait one and half hours for help to arrive and 2. that I didn't get the job.
* being an hour late to my first class back at uni.
* getting lost at a uni that i have been attending for 3 years.
* getting confused with my uni work timetable and being a 'no show' to work.
* getting a cold. probably as a result on no kitchen and bad eating habits for two weeks.
* having to endure more wedding bitching from my co workers and JUST managing to refrain myself from shouting 'get a life' to them.

*A successful meetup with fellow blogger Ann at St Jeromes. I was a little worried that perhaps we would have nothing to talk about or would be akward but thankfully neither was a problem. Both Ann and St Jeromes were very cool.
* Getting a job offer from the same organisation who rejected me for a slightly different role only the day before and Mr T also changing to a better department on the same day.
* the kitchen finally being complete

What about you?

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