Monday, July 03, 2006

Good things part 1-food

Since the last post, i've figured I should write about the better stuff aka NOT the cold weather in my life. As a result of winter and being a hermit I've been cooking a lot. I've also acquired vegan with a vengeance so I can finally try some of the recipes everyone in veg*n blog world have been raving about. So far I've tried the kale with tahini sauce (very good) and the chickpea bake however I realised just towards the end I didn't have any fresh chives so I used dried. I found it to be a little boring not sure if it was just the chives though. Here's a pic:

I'm still menu planning and its going really well. I find that i'm getting more variety than I've ever had. Last week I experimented with quinoa which i've never had before. I made the lentil and quinoa stew from La Dolce Vegan and I was very pleased. Also from La Dolce Vegan I made the sloppy Janes which was very good. Mr T has requested it again this week because he enjoyed it so much.

My mother also bought me a copy of the Easy vegan cooking which is not something I would have thought of getting for myself. However, i've already made one recipe from it which has been quite good, the jam delights (below) which were great warm and the next day cold although the recipe did seem to need more margarine than it asked for:

And then to further prove that my mother is the greatest, she made garlic bread and this amazing lasagna:


cristy said...


I keep forgetting to take pictures before we eat our food...

Maybe I'll sit the camera on the table.

kristy said...

I don't forget but I do start eating before I take pics. I can't help myself.