Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Red wine stain removal

Imagine you have a new quilt cover (see below for an example) and your partner sits on top of your bed drinking red wine and chatting to you.

Now imagine you make some comment about being 'careful with that' only to be met with 'sure' and then moments later your partner spills half of the glass all over it.

Trust me that one or a combination of the tricks below work in removing it:

1. Soak area in white wine
2. pour salt over area and rub gently
3. pour baking soda on area
4. pour boiling water over area

Thanks google!


jlp said...

I love the white wine trick! It has saved my apartment's security deposit many times. I haven't tried it in combination with any of the other three, but I'm mentally storing this information for future use.

daharja said...


Do you have an RSS feed? If so, what is the URL?

kristy said...

Yep it's