Sunday, July 30, 2006

Women in Music

Before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show I went and saw Angie Hart who used to be in a band called Frente which when you look back was kind of indie for its time. Her individual stuff is quite different a lot slower and she really does have a pretty voice.

I've been thinking about how the three most recent shows all had female lead singers. You could be mistaken from thinking that women dominate my music collection however sadly they don't. I probably like more female musicians than some however men still dominate the music scene well the indie/rock/folk/punk/whatever else scenes that I tend to listen to. Take for example these three bands despite each having a female lead singer there are still more men in the bands than women.

Also, all women groups are still kind of rare, which is indicated by how when they do exist they are always described as 'all girl groups'. You never hear all men groups defined by their gender. Ok there are 'boy bands' in the pop world but in the rock/indie scene they are the norm.

Then of course you have some men and women who have only a few cds in their collection with women featured in them, they have strictly male cds only. Why though?

Btw, photo taken by Mr T, maybe I should just have a little small print down the bottom that all band photos are taken by him


claire said...

Sadly female singers or groups do not dominate my collection either. But my collection is gradually growing as I discover more and more women who rock, (amongst the vast sea of male rockers out there).

Angie Hart looks gorgeous in that photo.

kristy said...

She was gorgeous, she had on this retro dress and showed off her tats.

She also seemed really sweet, plus she is one of those singers who actually introduces most of the songs.

tugboatcaptain said...

ok.. Big r.e.s.p.e.c.t. to all the goddess of music: naomi@galaxie500/damon & naomi, Karen O!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!, kim gordon@sonic youth, sune@the raveonettes, Justin/Donna/annie@Elastica, brit@Luna, Char@The Subways, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Patti SMith (!!!!), Nico, Courtney Love, Melissa Auf der Maur. And we have some new comers, great bands with female frontperson: Howling Bells, Be Your Own Pet, The Long Blonde, Noisettes,Giant Drag...