Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Melbourne is a vegan friendly city

It always surprises me when people in Melbourne say to me 'isn't that hard?' in regards to being vegan. They obviously however lack creativity and insight into how veg*n friendly Melbourne is.

For starters there are 40+ veg restaurants in Melb. Yes 40+

While I mostly eat out at veg restaurants, well you do have to support them, plus its an easy night out with sometimes too many things to choose and too many too choice from. I do also eat out at non veg restaurants and I've NEVER found myself in a situation where there is nothing to eat.

Plus there is a whole host of veg stuff going on all the time.

To further prove my point. Here is a new Melbourne vegan blog which is kept up to date will all the upcoming social events including Vegans Unite (which has had over 100 members at some events), Vegetarian Network of Victoria social events, Animal lib events, Food not bombs times, talks, festivals and other things happening. For example: Peter Singer's recent talk at Melb Uni, and free yoga times in the park. It used to be a mail list that I'm on (one of 3 veg*n melb ones i'm subscribed to). While I don't really attend any of the social events, it is good to check just to see what is happening. If I checked it on time last time I would have made Peter Singers free talk. It's run by a guy called Peter Carr who knows everything and everyone around the veg*n circles and a lot of other people too. Want a flatmate he can probably hook you up, want advice about caterers again pretty good. Want to buy something he knows where to go. The guy is simply amazing with his contacts.

It reminds me of how an old American PETA acquaintance was once telling me how he used to argue with the big PETA boss (what's her name?) that in terms of the worlds more vegan friendly cities Melbourne should come 3rd. She had never been here though and disagreed and thought it should be some place in the UK. Maybe the one with vegan pub wherever that is!

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Hi Kristy, we just wanted to let you know that we have included this post in the Third Carnival of Empty Cages over at two peas, no pod.