Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Advice before you have children*

If you are in a relationship and thinking that maybe your controlling/questionable behaviour from a partner will get better once you get pregnant/have a child think again!

New statistic from my class:

2 most common times when a partner initiates domestic violence:

1. when partner is pregnant
2. when partner attempts to leave relationship

Other important motto:

partners for now, parents for ever

Fighting out custody arrangements, intervention orders and all the rest especially the way that policy changes (eg: Family Relationship Centres) are being made is going to be continually harder when you have children. As the popular argument that families are better together seems to gloss over domestic violence and sexual assault as if both are minor domestic issues that can and should be sorted so you can continue to be together.

Scary scary stuff!

*Disclaimer: of course not everyone who is planning to have children needs to concern themself about their partners becoming violent, but didn't want those with partners with questionable controlling/over jealous alarm bell ringing behaviours to gloss over this post.

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