Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bad things happen in 3, but what about good things?

I don't like to discriminate based on occupation or anything else for that matter, but I've been really struggling with my opinion of real estate agents lately.

Partially because I see my clients become homeless because no one will rent them a property and now with our own struggle trying to get a property.

We have applied for almost half a dozen properties and none of them have said yes. Another said 'No we don't want you' when I asked for an application.

I don't get it. Ok we have both have not the greatest paying jobs but we are applying for cheap 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. And more importantly we both actually have jobs which we have been in for moth than 6 months, we also have nothing bad on our credit files, rental history and we present fairly well.

I've also struggled with comments about 'Asian cooking styles'. Apparently the way same Asians cook ruin the house/apartment in some way. As for that stereotype I do most of the cooking and when Mr T cooks it's exactly the same way as I do.

We are both feeling the pressure at the moment as well since I will likely lose one of my part time jobs very soon and while I am hopeful I can find another it's not going to help our application if I have been in my new employment for a month or so. In comparison to my current employment length of 2+ years. Mr T is also looking for a new job so we are both eager to find an apartment before we change jobs.

On Sat we found an apartment we both loved. It's crazy because it's tiny, and far from perfect but it just felt right. It felt like our home. I handed in the application yesterday and today the real estate agent called to say they are still processing applications but so far it looks like we are in for a good chance.

I am also hopeful because sat morning we happened a great street and found two great things/places prior to finding the real estate agent on the same street.

First we discovered this cute little bakery called Natural Tucker Bakery which was very vegan friendly and reasonably cheap too. It even had vegan scones which were just liked the ones my grandma used to make. Then we found our new friend (below) who we just had to adopt from an op shop. We haven't decided on a name yet. Not sure what we will put inside it's pouch either. But we love it and hopefully it will be our good luck charm!

Whatever happens I will most likely not post for a few weeks. Life is a just a tad hectic at the moment with uni assignments, thesis(arghhhhhhhhhhhhh), applying for more apartments and jobs, and hopefully moving. So blogging is going to have been put aside until I have a little more time.

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Harmonia said...

I am sorry that you are having problems with agents!

That basket is so awesome! I want one!!!