Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On tuesday my family had a small birthday celebration for Mr T since he will be in Sydney for his birthday on friday.

My mother arranged it and asked me about cakes on sunday night, giving me not enough time to make a cake. It's really not enough time for me to even think about making one.

However after lots of googling and then remembering something about a new catering service I found one place which made vegan blueberry cheesecake-Mr T's old fav. As pictured above. Sorry about the pic, but that's all there was left and I wanted to make sure it tasted great before I bothered taking a pic. Yes with me its all about the taste and the eating and then the pic always as an afterthought. Bad bad blogger I know.

It was made and delivered super quick and Mr T and I both enjoyed it. My family members who knew it was vegan thought it tasted a little different and others who didn't know thought it was delicious-yes such a placebo effect but thats for another post.

Anyway if you are in Melbourne and need a vegan cake they do other types of cakes as well, and lots and lots of different types of cheesecake. They also do mock meats and have different catering services available. As for their vegan cheesecake and service I couldn't recommend them enough, they are called:soulveg and have a orderform online with all their prices.

They are also going to start a cheescake of the month thing which sounds really tempting particuarly if you can do it with their mini cheesecakes.

Anyway I better start packing!

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cristy said...

Have a great time in Sydney.