Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good news for people who love good news

I got the job which means I don't have to become unemployed next week and the job is 9 days a fortnight instead of full time so it might be manageable with uni. Words can't describe how relieved I am.

Secondly, I got a bike for xmas. I just went for my first bike ride in Brunswick (2nd ride on the new bike). I thought it would be a nice leisurely ride but 30 minutes later I returned puffing with my legs burning and my heart beating like crazy. I'm obviously very unfit. But I still love my new bike.

The one and only pic I took on the ride. RMIT-brunswick.

Lastly, I discovered a new food today that I love: Halva. I adore it. I can't believe I have never had it before. Growing up in Australia I like to think of myself as pretty multicultural when it comes to food. I grew up eating falafal, hummus, baklava, Lahmacun and all sorts of food that many people still don't know about. I think I become even more multicultural after becoming vegan, at least once a month I seem to bring someone new to work that someone hasn't tried. But yet I didn't know what halva was. I think I probably looked at it and dismissed it as cheese. But it's sweet and made out of tahini. The one I tried has pistachios in it, but there are other flavours too. Next time you are in your supermarket or deli ask to try some. I've only eaten it straight but apparently it is very good sliced in some Lebanese bread.


claire said...

haha - you wrote: "at least once a month I seem to bring someone new to work that someone hasn't tried."
someone new, sounds funny. I'm sorry, I know what you meant to say ;)

By the way, I am enjoying the book so far, very easy to read.

See you tomorrow night!

kristy said...

claire, yeah I might leave that typo since it's funny!

cristy said...

That's fantastic news - congratulations!

ann said...

Congratulations Kristy and best wishes for the new year!

kristy said...

Thanks Christy and Ann, now I don't have work anxiety I have no excuse I need to actually start working on my thesis.