Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mr T arrived a year ago today

We knew that we wanted to be together but him moving here was a not easy decision for either one of us to make.

I had a lot of guilt over him leaving his friends, family, career, and a very different lifestyle all behind.

I also had many fears about him moving here. Worried that he would hate it here, that he couldn't get a job, that he wouldn't make any friends, that he would regret the move, and that our relationship would somehow change here.

Thankfully, all of my fears were unfounded. He made friends, has a job, sure he misses some things and his friends in Hong Kong but he generally loves it here and our relationship is stronger then ever.

I think he adjusted better to Melb life than I did to Hong Kong life.

Thanks for taking such a big leap of faith for me!


claire said...

Wow, it's been one year already!
I'm stoked it's worked out for both of you.

kristy said...


I know it seems really quick, although in another way it kind of feels like forever.