Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm freaking out!

Next week is the last week of my job and I still don't have another job lined up.

I've been employed for a over a decade straight, and had 2 part time jobs since I started doing my masters a few years agao I can't explain how much the thought of having no job terrifies me.

I have applied for 3 more new jobs in the week and lots of casual-ish jobs.

I have an interview next week for one but it is full time so not sure how I will manage once I return to uni, but its the closest to what I was doing that is available.

It's the worst time to be looking for a job, even worse if you need part time. I was so stressed the other day I said to Mr T if worst comes to worst I will work full time and defer uni. But I really don't want to. Another option is to try to get another crappy call centre job or something. But the thought of applying and interviewing for even more jobs I don't really want is pretty depressing.

How did it get to this?

It wasn't planned I can tell you that much. There was so many jobs that I was supposed to get that fell through. There was at least 6 jobs through my current job that fell apart due to funding issues, another that I couldn't do because of obligations to my last remaining job. Another that went to someone who knew someone else even though I was more qualified. I have another lined up that starts in feb and is very casual and another crappy one that I could have got but can't attend the training because I have a interview on the same day. I even said no to one because It was starting in March and I was sure I would have something by then.


On a brighter completely unrelated note I have 2 amazing shows coming up. Modest mouse on 29th dec, M Ward on 30th and then new years eve the following night. I can't wait.

Happy silly season to everyone.


cristy said...

Good luck with the job hunt Kristy. Looking for work always feels horrible.

I found getting part time work so difficult while I was doing my Masters that I did end up doing a bunch of crap casual jobs until something else came up. It sucked, but it wasn't my focus in life at the time.

kristy said...

thanks christy.

It just feels so regressive!